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About US Standard Sign

US Standard Sign is one of the nation's largest manufacturers of conversion coated aluminum sign blanks, sheets, and extruded street blades. We stock millions of pounds of aluminum to satisfy our customer's needs. Both our buying power and operating efficiencies give our customers a pricing advantage. We sell sheets and blanks, not finished signs, and therefore we don't compete against you.

We offer a variety of alloys beyond the standard 5052-H38. For non-spec, rental, and construction business we recommend a less expensive 3000 series. Quality review procedures ensure spec adherence from start to finish. Our equipment is current state-of -the-art technology to assure stable flat material that is burr free and thoroughly clean. Our final step wash line with 3M brushes and conversion coating assures a clean and ready to sheet surface.

Delivery is a critical part of our industry. We carry blanks in stock for numerous MUTCD spec widths and lengths. Our plant runs 2 shifts to ensure quick lead time. We understand the demands of our customers and the pressure on their warehouse space to carry stock.

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